About Us

In May 2020, an out-of-the-box idea started taking shape; to launch an online boutique of multi-sensory pleasures, combining luxury goods and intimate accessories for the first time - evocatively named Maison Luxure. 

Maison Luxure's mission is to help you enjoy carefree moments for a love-life full of joy and gratification. We aim to tease, surprise and entertain, by offering you a curated range of intimate accessories, luxury goods, lingerie, lotions and naughty treats. 

Maison Luxure's values: 

  1. We hold no prejudice; all preferences, orientations and desires are equal. 
  2. We treat others as we like to be treated: with respect and fairness. 
  3. We are open-minded and curious. 
  4. We constantly strive to better ourselves. 
  5. We’re not afraid of dreaming!