How to improve your ⚡️⚡️⚡️ life: 7 tips from Maison Luxure

  1. Break the routine! Be daring, find a new location; the kitchen counter, the hallway or what about locking yourself in the car? New smells and textures will make you irresistible. 
  2. Have a faux affair. Fix a date, pretending to leave your partner at home...where can this lead you...perhaps to a hotel room. 
  3. Brainstorm your fantasies together. Keep a list of really risqué maybes in reserve.... 
  4. Get in the mood with some quality R&R; ball games, trying a new cuisine, or... 
  5. Build up the sense of anticipation by sending a meeting request. Mid-morning? 
  6. Take away your senses. Blindfold your partner while they listen to sensual music (or *#!) with earphones, then start experimenting with ticklers, ice, essential oils, or... 
  7. Send a “special” delivery. The raunchier the better; provocative lingerie, intimate accessories. Isn’t a couples’ accessory a no brainer! 


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