SHRIEK with pleasure! 🦇

Remember that feeling of being really really scared, by a horror film, a spine-chilling story or indeed, a romp through a dark, menacing haunted house on Halloween? 

Some people push themselves to the limit, to see how much fear they can tolerate, ultimately, to relish in the satisfaction of having been able to endure the anxiety. Let’s be honest, aren’t we all rather fascinated by the ‘dark side’, which is so distant from our everyday lives? Every now and then, we all need to expose ourselves to sensations that are different from the routine.  

Whether you are a thrill-seeker who thrives on the physical sensations brought on by fear, constantly push boundaries, or are wildly excited by the ‘forbidden’ nature of your desires, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to probe your fears and free emotions, to experience blessed relief. 


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