What knocks your socks off?

What knocks your socks-off? Have you ever reflected on those rare situations, when friends, acquaintances and sometimes the odd colleague get together, and there is a palpable electricity in the air, a mixture of titillation and nervousness, an edginess, and people start letting their hair down? Some years ago, on just such an occasion, in the company of a dozen friends, the conversation took a decidedly risqué turn. As we gathered around a long oak table, with soft mellow music in the background, the fireplace glowing red and good wine flowing freely, the conversation turned to sexual escapades: “raise your hand if you’ve had a threesome … who’s done it with someone of the same sex?”. There was sniggering at some unexpected hands being raised, but the real surprise came a little later. Now, an erotic frisson hung in the air. A prim, shy woman said the best part of making love was the thrilling sense of anticipation just before intercourse. The confidentiality of her revelation was remarkable. And what knocks YOUR socks off? Is the sense of expectation the real thrill, or is it lusting after something, or rather someone unobtainable? Spill the beans. We want to know! A’ très bientôt. Georges V

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