Are we talking Sudoku, one-upmanship or subtly playing one’s partner? Even if being teased can be a massive turn-on, mind games are a minefield, so there’s the potential to get hurt badly.  

Behavioural traits: 

  1. Bail at the last minute  
  2. Flirt with others publicly 
  3. Bar from your place 
  4. Never take your picture together 
  5. Keep friends and family out of it 
  6. Have an alias in your ‘phone address book 
  7. Don’t spend the night 
  8. Go hot and cold 
  9. No talk of the future 
  10. No reference to bf, gf, partner, etc 

 Are you playing mind games or being played yourself? 

Please tell us your experiences – info@maisonluxure.com  We’ll keep it 100% anonymous. 

Merci bien.

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